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I, Jens Sandegaard have been working as blacksmith since 1974. I took over the company from my father who started it 1932. In 1982 I was appointed a supplier to His Majesty the King.

My collection is very comprehensive and a wide selection can be seen in my exhibition at my address in Lunnarp, a location between Tomelilla and Simrishamn. In addition I often work with other assignments, like to the church, museums and others. Please feel free to enquire.

Everything is handmade and forged using the old traditional methods, which cannot in any way be compared with "bent and weld" products wich dominate the market. To forge means to change the shape of hot iron with a forgehammer. All treatment is done by oilburning with linseed oil.

I resumed my painting of pictures in 2008, an interest with deep roots. Painting takes more and more of my time. You can see some of my work below, but, actually seeing these pictures in real life here in Lunnarp does them a lot more justice.

Welcome to Lunnarp, road number 11 between Tomelilla and Simrishamn.

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